Great Expectations

All through life the measure of success and failure may largely depend upon the value we place on our expectations or even the expectations we place on others. Perhaps its human nature. Or could it be environmental? Nevertheless we have them throughout our lives.

We may even go so far as to expect a good outcome from the projects we set our minds to.

Live By Truth has been one of those projects. It has taken nearly 4 years to get to the point in this project of internet radio for Christians of the 21st century where I am feeling and continuing to hope that many, whether believer or not, will gain a realized hope in Christ Jesus.

Live By Truth Christian Radio is a platform dedicated to the Kingdom of God. We all do not share exact beliefs, and you may object here and there by what you hear from a few of the broadcasts, but the intent is to share Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in you.

May God bless this effort, and may He richly bless your lives through the various ministries and teachings of these broadcasts.

Allyn Morton

Founder and Operator of

Live By Truth Radio